Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Couture At The Casino

A-List Culture at The CasinoCrazy Vegas CasinoIt’s not just high rollers themselves who are wise to what lies in appearances, the designers are on the case too. To celebrate the launch of his fall 2015 collection, Karl Lagerfeld brought all the thrill of the casino hall to the fashion world. As guests passed the threshold of the much anticipated fashion launch the assembled assortment of fashionistas and A-listers were shocked and surprised to find a fully formed casino ready and waiting for them.Make extra cash by visiting real money casinos and win.

Lagerfeld doesn’t do things by half measures, so it was only right the designer picked the Grand Palais, a historic exhibition hall and museum at the Champs Élysées in Paris, as his venue. Known for his dynamic displays and ingenious venues, the Fall 2015 show quickly went down as one of the most successful in Lagerfeld’s extensive career.

Despite drawing a raft of Hollywood stars, supermodels and top-flight designers, the event also brought high couture back to the world of the casino. You’ll have seen none of the sandal and shorts combinations of the Vegas Strip here, only expertly cut and tailored suits, beautiful Empire lines, and stunning necklines.

Lagerfeld’s Fall 2015Lagerfeld’s Fall 2015 show might have been a comment on the lost art of casino couture, bringing back the high glamour of Monte Carlo to an environment now dominated by half-hearted ensembles and a more rough and ready approach to dressing, as well as the rise of cancasinos online casino. The setting, decked out with roulette tables and slot machines, wasn’t just for show either.

Guests quickly took to the games like ducks to water, while the models clad in Lagerfeld’s latest designs mingled amongst the crowd. Lagerfeld’s never been one to do things by half measures, but his fall exhibition was a showcase of the lost art of dressing to impress and for success, bringing high couture back to the casino floors.