Casino Fashion Shows

LagerfeldIt’s not just A-list designers who are taking advantage of the casino floor to Golden Riviera Casinoshowcase their creations. Casinos are becoming an increasingly popular spot to unleash new designs upon the world.

When Lagerfeld took over the Grand Palais, he put his cards table front and centre, wrapping them around the catwalk to bring his new togs to the forefront. If you’re venturing into high roller lounges or the five-star casinos of Vegas and Monte Carlo, expect to get more for your money than the thrill of the game.

Casinos are the perfect place to showcase designer labels and luxury goods, bringing top-drawer creations to the consumers who can afford them. Whether it’s high couture or six-figure accessories, what better way promote them than pitch them to a high roller fresh of a terrific win on the tables.

You’ll also be able to get some indispensable inspiration for your next visit, seeing what the designer themselves have picked out as the styles of the seasons, and what’s been singled out for future trends to follow. If you’ve been lucky at the poker table or pulled a Royal Ace Casinospectacular jackpot on the slots, what better way to spend your money than on the Dressed to Kill at the Casinolatest fashions, watches and accessories from the designers who understand casino couture best?

As more designers take Lagerfeld’s lead, we’re expecting the casinos to play host to more shows come the big fashion weeks each year. If you’re serious about brushing up on your style notes, these events are a must-attend appointment for your schedule. If you’re lucky enough to bag an invite, not only will you be able to rub shoulders with the stars, you’ll get incredible insights into what to wear and what to avoid before anyone else does. Perfect if you want some added tips for dressing for success!