Casino Couture

Winning big at the casino isn’t just about having a play strategy or being able to hold a good poker space. If you’re serious about entering the world of the high rollers, you’ve got to appreciate that appearances are everything.

Little Black DressNothing sells success better than brilliant togs and an on point ensemble, and if your game requires you to establish your authority at the card table, you’ll want to ensure your outfit sets you apart as an authority in the fashion stakes too. The type of casino you’re visiting is also worth considering before you put your outfit together. An exclusive casino is going to have higher expectations than say, a resort casino.

At most casinos, smart casual is your best bet. For men, a pair of neatly pressed chino trousers, a plain polo shirt, and formal shoes should see you right at most establishments. If you’re gambling in sunnier climbs, consider swapping out the more formal tailoring for some smart Bermuda shorts. For women, smart tailoring is also worth considering if you’re out to impress, but a comfortable dress from a half decent designer label should also suffice.

Casino DresscodeAt most casino establishments, the real thing to remember is not what looks good, but what’s definitely frowned upon. You’ll want to leave the hooded sweatshirts at home, while open toed sandals and beachwear is most definitely reserved only for the most laid back of casinos. It’s tempting to reach for the three-piece suits and bow ties if it’s your first time heading to a casino, but save this kind of effort for invite only casinos or the high roller rooms.

You’ll also want  Jackpot City Casinoto ensure what you’ve picked out to wear is comfortable and work well for your plans for the entire evening. Are casino bonuses worth it? Planning on hitting up the bars after winning the casino bonus? Make sure you’re not overdressed for the occasion. Likewise, if you plan on moving on to a restaurant after your turn at the poker table, you’ll want to ensure your outfit is fit for task. Many restaurants will probably have firmer dress codes than the casinos themselves.